Great organizations build great Boards. Boards can either maintain the status quo or lead their organization to new levels of governance, management, and achievement. It is increasingly important for organizations and their Boards to be dynamic and adaptable. Boards of the future need to consist of capable, savvy decision makers who can adapt to and drive change forward. Boards must be able to think beyond traditional governance to ensure the sustainability of the organization. Our proven board development process follows three phases: Explore, Enroll, Engage.



The building of breakthrough boards is an intentional effort that can lead to greater fundraising, enhanced strategic capability, and access to new resources. The process must be linked to the strategic direction of the organization, which means that boards must identify the skills necessary to support the organization's success. We collaborate with board members to identify the skills needed, then seek out individuals who possesses the levels of order, organization and expertise to be approached and eventually nominated. It is though our facilitation that we can ensure that the boards we work with are acquiring the highest level of talent to raise the standard.


Our collaborative approach begins by identifying the best board member prospects, which leads to enrolling and vetting each candidate to ensure the highest quality match. We understand that identifying great board candidates is not easy, and it is even more challenging to ensure they are properly vetted to determine if they align with the culture of the board. Our Consultants design an enrollment and orientation process for new board members, to harness their passion, build a solid foundation of understanding, and ensure they understand the expectations and level of commitment required.


Boards must define how they will operate to support the strategic direction of the organization and to align their structure accordingly. The management and operation of the board will determine how engaged and effective board members will be throughout their term. Our Consultants conduct extensive reviews of: bylaws, committee structure/charters, agendas, evaluations, and participation levels. We guide boards through complex discussions and decision making, leading to change and improvement. In addition, we also work directly with Board Chairs to support their success in building a breakthrough board.

Business models are changing fast, but the necessary changes in governance often do not keep pace with the shifting landscape. Organizations must take on the challenge of becoming more dynamic in the rapidly changing marketplace. This journey begins with building a breakthrough board of directors capable of aligning its organization with future realities.