Technology has been a major disruptor to big business and is now impacting nonprofit organizations. Dramatic shifts in service models are on the horizon for many sectors. Organizations need to be proactive in innovating and designing viable service models to remain relevant in the years to come. Curtis Strategy works with leaders to ensure relevance through a process that takes advantage of innovative thinking within the organization.  We recognize that innovation originates within an organization at the intersection of supportive leadership, committed staff, and funding. 


Innovation Canvas 

Our Innovation Canvas is a powerful tool that allows organizations to harness team creativity and ideas through a process that manages risk, capacity, and decision making. Organizational values and mission are central while extending core mission into all activities from fundraising to marketing to ultimately sharing services with the community at large. 

Building capacity within the organization to test these innovations and improve upon success will help maintain organizational relevancy.

We welcome the opportunity to be your partner in addressing these disruptors and positioning your organization for the future. At Curtis Strategy we will help your organization develop a pathway for taking advantage of the great ideas and bringing them to reality.