The Trustee Institute
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The Trustee Institute

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The most important relationship for powerful and effective governance is that between the Board Chair and CEO. To achieve the highest level of success, both leaders must dedicate their time and expertise to work as partners for the organization and the mission they serve.

The Trustee Institute allows Board Chair and CEO teams to develop dynamic partnerships and create a focused agenda that moves both the board and organization forward. Board Chairs and CEO's will strengthen their relationship, build solutions to challenges, and bring higher levels of order and organization to the board.

Our professionally facilitated and interactive workshop will provide participants a full day to work on building stronger governance and a high performing board. Participants will also get to interact with nonprofit leaders from many different organizations and sectors, and learn from their experience.

By attending The Trustee Institute, participants will:

  • Enjoy highly engaging small-group sessions with nonprofit leaders and experts from many sectors to discuss key trends and best practice in governance;

  • Develop a plan of action for improving board organization, interaction, and practice;

  • Learn the Trustee cycle, from enrollment to succession, and how to build the process;

  • Engage with a network of leaders to learn from and draw upon after the workshop concludes;

  • Strengthen their relationship between the CEO and Board Chair, while working collaboratively to solve organizational issues.

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