Organizations are experiencing shifts in funding, technology, regulations, consumer behavior and business models. These changes are impacting business models at a level that require expanded resources and innovative thinking in order to achieve long-term success. In an effort to save money, increase capacity, diversify revenue, and position themselves competitively, organizations are now being forced to consider sharing services, building partnerships, or merging together.

These options, when planned for and properly implemented, can deliver tremendous value. Our merger and collaboration process is designed in three phases: Analysis, Design, Integration.



We work collaboratively with organizations to to analyze their current situations, to develop a business case for the deal, to lead the project facilitation between Boards and Leadership, and to design an integration plan based on the approach that holds the most strategic value.


The economies of scale, business case, and merger strategy must materialize in the end design of a combined organization. We design role clarity, functional alignment, and build a structure that is optimized for performance and sustainability. We design departments and organizations in a manner which allows leadership and managers to effectively lead and succeed. Our organization design capabilities assist clients in managing complexity and growth to ensure a seamless integration and sustained performance.  


In-depth analysis and sustainable design are both integral parts in preparing for the signing of a deal. It is this work and planning that will result in a clear and well-communicated plan for integration. The approach to integration is critical in ensuring uninterrupted service delivery, talent retention, and a positive culture experience with the new team. Our experts help guide leaders through the integration and change process to reduce the amount of time and cost incurred when bringing organizations together in a way that will continuously deliver value.

A Successful Merger or Collaboration Between Organizations Both Small and Large Will Help:

  • Eliminate Competition

  • Expand Service Offerings 

  • Acquire Staffing Talent

  • Reduce Expenses

  • Improve Quality of Service

  • Expand Geographic Reach

  • Economies of Scale

  • Diversify Revenue

  • Improved Service Delivery

Most importantly, a merger or collaboration can ensure survival in a highly competitive marketplace and allow organizations to remain relevant and viable in the years ahead.