Northeast Arc & Northeast Clinical Services

Please join us in congratulating our clients, Northeast Arc and Northeast Clinical Services on their successful merger!

When discussions between both organizations began in early 2018, there was a focus placed on identifying the strategic value of a potential partnership. 

As Human Services agencies and Healthcare providers have become more integrated and reliant on each other, the strategic value of a deal became increasingly clear.

Ultimately, the true value of a merger revealed itself when Northeast Arc was able to expand and diversify its portfolio of programs to include home health care. 

The diversification of services by Northeast Arc and their ability to add capacity along with the added expertise of Northeast Clinical Services, will allow the merged organization to embark on a growth strategy to expand into new markets and to deepen their service within the existing geographic footprint.

The success of this merger must be credited in large part to the incredible Leadership from both organizations, working together to unite their Staffing Teams and organizational cultures. 

At Curtis Strategy, we feel privileged to have been chosen as the facilitator and advisor for this merger, working collaboratively to bring these agencies together. We would like to thank the Leadership and Staff that we had the opportunity to work with throughout this journey, and we wish them greater success as they forge ahead as a united Team.