Our Mission: To advance organizations towards future viability by designing innovative strategy and sustainable business models

At Curtis Strategy we work collaboratively with organizations to align the right resources, design innovative strategy, and create a customized plan leading to future growth and sustainability. We specialize in Strategic Planning, Organization Design, Board Development and Governance, and Merger Strategy. 

We create customized projects for each unique situation, seeking tangible results from proven methods of planning, organizing, and leading change. We enable our clients to make the real transformations they desire while establishing frameworks for sustained success. 

Designing a powerful future requires innovative thinking and leading with intention and Curtis Strategy is committed to delivering results that achieve greater capacity and impact for all our clients through our proven methodology. The Curtis methodology involves a balance between people’s success and the process it takes to get there. We utilize proven delivery methods to achieve transformative results and increase our clients’ social impact.


  • Caring

  • Engaged Listeners

  • Problem Solvers

  • Driven To Help

  • Expert Facilitators


  • Challenge Current Perceptions and Thinking

  • Empower Leaders and Teams

  • Increase Accountability

  • Facilitate Impactful Change

  • Design a Sustainable Future

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