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The ability to govern time, develop a powerful and capable team, and increase accountability play the most critical role in achieving strategic goals. When you take time to self-assess and strengthen your fundamental leadership skills, you are better able to overcome the barriers and obstacles that are holding you back from reaching your leadership goals.

This journey begins when you make the commitment to improve the way you communicate, motivate others, and manage your time and team in order to achieve success.

Whether you are an aspiring or accomplished leader, this workshop will provide you with the dedicated time to reflect, set goals, and develop a plan to strengthen and improve your effectiveness as a leader.

Post workshop benefits: 

  • More effective time management 

  • Improved productivity

  • Increased clarity, accountability, and credibility 

  • Solidify collaboration, teamwork, and trust

  • Motivated and inspired colleagues that are focused toward a common vision and goals

  • Strengthened abilities in others to excel


In order to achieve results as an organization, staff and leaders must work with clarity and focus. Enhancing collaboration, building accountability, and improving clarity of purpose and performance will result in a Team that is able to propel strategy forward.

Part of implementing any plan relies on each team member's ability to do their job; if everyone is clear on what they must deliver, the chances of success increase dramatically. The process of assembling high performing teams begins with establishing role clarity. 

The Job Post is a simple tool used to develop a comprehensive understanding of the role of a job function within an organization. It is focused look at the types of functions or positions needed in an organization that best align to the strategy, business model, and structure.

Engage your staff in creating Job Posts to empower them to perform at an optimum level and to achieve higher levels of success starting today!

Post workshop benefits: 

  • Clarity regarding job functions  

  • Improvement in staff performance.

  • Increased levels of accountability

  • Expanded capacity of existing team members, leaving more time for strategically focused work

  • Higher levels of order and organization


One of the single most important factors in determining organizational success is the strength of the relationship between the Board Chair and CEO. It is the most critical piece when aligning any organization towards cohesiveness and powerful strategy design and execution. When the Chair and CEO are a unified team, an organization can achieve greater impact and deliver higher performing outcomes. 

Each Board Chair and CEO Team will participate in a series of discussions and activities that will foster and deepen their partnership as well as improve their ability to lead as a unified team.

Attendees will leave this workshop confident in understanding and leading through their clearly defined roles. They will have mastered key strategies in relationship building and in conducing meetings that are more focused and effective. When applied, these tangible resources will an integral part in leading the Board and Organization towards success.

Post workshop benefits: 

  • Increased confidence in leading through clearly defined roles.

  • Mastery of key strategies in relationship building

  • Meetings that are more focused and effective