Curtis Strategy delivers productive, engaging, and effective board retreats. Whether trying to solve specific problems, improve governance, or conduct strategic planning, our expertise in facilitation delivers results that align an organization to common goals and desired future outcomes.

Our Retreat Facilitation follows a three-phase process: Preparation, Facilitation, and Reporting.


The success of a retreat directly corresponds to the level of preparation and planning that occurs prior to the meeting taking place. Our firm interviews participants, reviews critical data and information, and collaborates with leaders to develop an agenda that will guide the work and outcomes.


Our highly engaging approach to facilitation starts with a wholistic look at an industry’s eco-system followed by identifying a strategic focus and building consensus around both the future landscape and establishing and maintaining future relevancy. 

We lead Boards and Teams through a process that allows organizations to build strategy that will break the status quo and achieve a clear path to a successful future.


The notes and information captured during retreat breakout sessions and visual design activities are critical components in the formulation of the new strategy and plan. Our final deliverables capture this information in a detailed plan that will guide the organization throughout the years post retreat. 

Retreats are a powerful way to build momentum and engagement while clarifying the direction of an organization. We invite you to learn more about our Retreats by contacting us for a more in-depth discussion around your specific needs or planning requirements.