We understand the world is changing. Trying to match the pace of change creates significant challenge and risk. Many sectors are being transformed by technology advancements, regulation change, funding shortages, societal shifts, and talent availability. Our strategic planning process crowd sources multiple levels of perspective by engaging with both internal and external stakeholders. Our Consultants cultivate innovation and build ownership with team members to drive the plan forward. This proven approach is structured in three phases: Align, Design, Lead.



We move beyond board retreats. Our Consultants engage stakeholders to develop a holistic and well-informed understanding of the eco-system in which our clients are operating, market demands, and trends impacting the sector. We are able to crowd source strategy which fosters innovative thinking that can break the status quo. Trends that could challenge the viability and alter the future of organizations are explored and addressed. We develop an extensive understanding of the entire eco-system of an organization before moving confidently to the next phase, DESIGN.


The rapid pace of change is driving many organizations to prepare for a new future, but many are too slow to react and respond. At Curtis Strategy, we reshape the way organizations build strategic plans. Our approach focuses on using design thinking, innovative concepts, and co-creation methodology. Design thinking allows us to explore complex ideas and environments, while defining priorities, capacity, scale, funding needs, and implementation pathways. Having an in-depth understanding of sector trends and technology capabilities, we challenge our clients to generate innovative ideas or pilot concepts to include in their strategic plans. We enroll stakeholders in the process, collaboratively building strategy to ensure we have the significant momentum and ownership necessary to move forward. Clients, along with their teams, will then be ready to LEAD, implementing and driving the strategic plan forward.


At Curtis Strategy we understand that top performing organizations know how to prioritize their strategic plans, deploy capacity, manage risk, and communicate effectively to ensure implementation success. However, we realize that it can be a challenge to lead a strategic plan to completion. Our Consultants partner with clients to identify ways to successfully move from the present to the future as a unified team. 

The success of any organization is based on their ability to demonstrate positive impact toward their mission and the completion of strategy. We have partnered with hundreds of organizations across the country to design innovative and game changing strategic plans. We welcome the opportunity to support your organization in achieving your goals and ensuring a stronger future.