We help design efficient organizations to reduce cost and build capacity by leveraging existing resources. The structure, workforce, and systems of an organization can be extremely complex and create unnecessary cost and organizational stress. At Curtis Strategy we believe that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and as a result we work to design organizations that bridge strategy to structure, enhance collaboration, build accountability, and improve clarity of purpose and performance. This proven cost saving approach is structured in three phases: Process, Structure, Systems.

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Our Consultants work with clients to design organizations in a manner that reduces cost, drives growth, and improves performance. Focus is placed on building higher levels of order and organization, which goes far beyond the standard. We identify the core process of an organization, department, or area of focus; and review each part to the whole. By breaking the process up into more simplistic pieces we are able to clearly identify capacity, volume, financial, and flow problems. This phase allows for the exploration of innovative service delivery that may be more effective and efficient in saving time or money and allows us to uncover breakthrough ways of increasing volume.


We design role clarity, functional alignment, and build a structure that is optimized for performance and sustainability. Our organization design capabilities assist clients in managing complexity and growth over time to ensure sustained performance. In the case of mergers, we support growth with an integration strategy and design that maximizes the value of the combined entities. Regardless of whether it is a single or combined entity, we work to design departments and organizations in a manner which will allow leadership and managers to effectively lead and succeed. 


Data tracking, performance measures, financially viable models, and management support are all systems our team assists  clients in building as a foundation for future growth. We work with large organizations to design and implement major change programs to improve performance, build capabilities, and strengthen organizational behavior over time and to renew and sustain exceptional performance. The ability to drive transformational change—such as moving from good to great performance, cutting costs, or managing a crisis—is the key to an organization securing a competitive advantage.

Efficient and effective design will lead an organization toward achieving its vision and implementing the strategic plan. Allow Curtis Strategy to help you build the organizational health and productivity that you desire.